Products (Introduction)

Products (Introduction)

Products Overview

Godo Ceramics are consistently producing refratories that are indispensable in industrial furnace equipment.

In industrial furnace, there are blast furnace and EAF.
Also, there are furnace vessels , called ladle which keeps the molten steel, and tundish which stores the molten steel temporarily prior to pouring it to the mold.

The temperature of the molten steel produced by blast furnace and/or EAF by melting iron scrap is 1600℃~1700℃
If molten steel were put into ladle and tundish directly without refractory lining, the furnace vessels would be melt down, leak molten steel out and cause a fire and/or serious accidents.
To prevent this, the industrial furnace equipment is lined with refractories on the inside of the steel shell, blocking the high temperature material from touching the steel shell directly.
Playing that role is the refractories Godo Ceramics Ltd. is producing
In these refractories, there are
shaped refractories,monolithic refractories,functional refractories.

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