Products (Introduction)

Products (Introduction)

Functional refractories

The functional refractories are refractories that are used in the continuous casting of molten steel such as SN (sliding nozzle) plate, a porous plug, open nozzle.

SN plate is installed to a hole where molten steel comes out of the ladle, it is the refractory having the function to adjust or, stop to enter a certain amount of molten steel to the next tundish.
if this does not work well, it will not be able to perform smooth continuous casting, leading to breaking and a large amount of molten steel will overflow the tundish, and be the cause of disaster

In addition, the porous plug is a refractory with air permeability that is installed in the bottom of the ladle.
The molten steel received in ladle after EAF melting, will be blown by nitrogen and/or argon gas through a porous plug, to promote the desulfurization, deoxidation and denitrification, using stirring force of gas and/or reacting with desulfirization agent, oxygen and nitrogen.

In addition, the auxiliary materials are poured in and refined, then casting the molten steel in the continuous casting equipment to meet with each applications.
In this way, functional refractories, play a very important role at the heart of refractory, require very high quality.