Products (Introduction)

Products (Introduction)

Shaped Refractories

Shaped Refractories are refractories that have shape.
On the inside of steel shell of EAF and ladle, bricks are assembled one by one by lining workers, and used after being dried out.Godo Ceramics Ltd. is handling materials such as the following

PDF files for dimension and specification are provided, regarding refractories for EAF and ladle.

Download Dimension and Specification

Manufacturing process of Shaped Refractories

  • Basic bricks

    Basic bricks

    Refractories composed mainly of magnesia and calcia, excellent at heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

    • Magnesia
    • Magnesia chrome
    • Magnesia spinel
    • Magnesia dolomite
  • Refractory containing Carbon

    Refractory containing Carbon

    Composite material of carbon and oxide, excellent at thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance

    • Magnesia-carbon
    • Alumina-carbon
    • Alumina-silicon carbide-carbon
    • Alumina-magnesia-carbon
  • Pyrophyllite brick

    Pyrophyllite brick

    Refractory of high quality pure silica, excellent at creep deformation resistance and volume stability at high temperatures.

    • For permanent lining for metal bath zone and bottom