Products (Introduction)

Products (Introduction)

Monolithic refractories

Monolithic refractories are refractories in powdery form.
The shaped refractories which lined on steel shell of EAF and ladle, will wear in the very high temperature of molten steel.
So,monolithic refractories are used for repairing those remaining thinned part of refractories, by using EAF automatic spray machine to spray refractories during the operation.

Also, in tundish, it becomes more popular to use monolithic refractories by pouring, than lining shaped refractories. This is because it can be constructed easily.
Moreover, in parts with complex shape where shaped refractories can not be constructed, monolithic refractories are used for construction by pouring.
Godo Ceramics Ltd. handles following monolithic products.

Manufacturing process of monolithic refractories

  • Castable refractories

    Castable refractories

    there are many products to suit a variety of requirements such as denseness, thermal insulation, acid resistance, and contruction methods such as troweling, pouring and spraying of coating material for tundish.

  • Gunning refractories

    Gunning refractories

    Gunning refractories are developed for EAF automatic spray repair machine, can be used in large amount of construction in a short time, and also is suitable for emergency hot repairs as well.

  • Precast


    Products created by pouring refractories into predetermined shape of castable such as block brick and slag stopper in optimum condition.
    Ideal for situation where pouring at construction site is difficult or when you want to shorten the construction time.

  • Plastic


    The plastic refractories are composed of refractory materials and high- quality clay allowing for a uniform lining to be developed by stamping.

  • Mortar


    Also referred to as patching material, mortar, which is used as a joint material of brick, offers a variety of quality to match the brick material.